The Boneyard


The characters find a video of an unnaturally large, predatory dog attacking hapless idiots in a junkyard full of old Las Vegas signs. The characters track the location down through a series of shenanigans that involve lying to police, book signings for adoring crowds, run-ins with angry neighbours, and one near-makeout session. Then they spend some time tormenting neighbourhood dogs with whistles before luring the beast out of its junkyard and killing it.

Horrors Encountered

  • The Fury Hound – a giant, territorial dog that manifests around sites of extreme emotion, particularly drawn to territorial feelings of humans.



Janice Brown – head of Neon Museum

Sits on the Neon Museum’s Board of Directors and runs the museum’s day-to-day. Her volunteers will tell you she’s a tough nut to crack, but despite being an apparent hardass who leans more towards history than paranormal romance, Nick won her over easily enough. She’s promised Nick that she’ll pull together some information on Las Vegas’s historic signs, even though she’s not quite sure why.

Officer Brody Dawson

Beat cop who responded to the second break-in at the YESCO Boneyard after the video was Tweeted. Caught Han in a lie and went out of his way to make sure Han knew it. Also, kind of a jerk.

Manfred Thayer – helpful Neon Museum volunteer

Gave the characters a tour of the YESCO Boneyard and is clearly passionate about the history and preservation of the signs. Tries to be a peacemaker. Is impressed by Nick, has presumably noticed that Stephanie exists, and thinks Han and Vincent are sort of weird.

Sargeant Lucienne Salcedo

Talked to Nick briefly about the video he Tweeted of some kids breaking into the YESCO Boneyard.

Russell Mills

Owns the property adjacent to the YESCO Boneyard and is almost legendarily surly. Inherited his family’s remaining land and probably his surliness from his now-deceased father, Grant. Not terribly happy with the gummint taking his family lands away, and apparently a dog person.

The Boneyard

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