Research Rolls

In order to avoid campaigns devolving into a series of nonstop research rolls, we have ruled that research rolls work as follows:

One-shot rolls

Your character’s research methodology is disorganized or slapdash. You get answers relatively quickly, but are limited in what you find.

  • One success: You identify the target of your research or find the answer you set out to discover.
  • Multiple successes: As above, plus you discover one or two interesting pieces of additional information.
  • Dramatic success: In addition to proving your thesis, you discover something critical—the weakness of the thing lurking in your neighbour’s attic or the exact location of the burial site.

You must declare a one-shot roll before rolling. Once the roll is made, you have exhausted your resources and may not make another roll on this subject unless new information is revealed. Multiple characters may make a one-shot roll on the same topic, but may get duplicate results.

Extended rolls

A thorough, methodical search takes much longer than a one-and-done roll, but the rewards are potentially much greater. If you have not already made a one-shot roll, you may apply the “Extended Action” rules to your research rolls instead. Upon completing the extended action, you have exhausted your resources and may not roll again.

Resuming extended research

You won’t always have the luxury of unbroken hours of research, but can resume extended research at a later time. If a significant amount of time has elapsed, the GM may impose a penalty to represent lost momentum or outdated resources. This penalty will only apply to the first resumed roll.

Teamwork actions

You may engage in extended research as a teamwork action, in which case the maximum number of rolls is determined by the primary actor’s dice pool. Secondary actors must be present when the action is initiated, although they may leave before the action is complete. All actors have exhausted their resources on the topic in question by the time the action is complete.

Characters who have the Good Time Management Merit do not gain its benefit unless all participants in the teamwork action have purchased the Merit.

New avenues of enquiry

Sometimes you’ll stumble on information that suggests a new line of enquiry for a topic you’ve already researched. As time allows, you may make a one-shot roll to uncover information based on the new lead, even if you’ve exhausted your normal rolls. Gain the Informed Condition for the purposes of this roll.

Identifying Horrors

Most monsters won’t wait politely for you to finish your research before charging at you weapons—teeth—whatever—bared. In that case, quick thinking and general knowledge of the Vigil may save your life. Make a (Wits + appropriate skill, typically Occult) roll to identify the creature, or to answer a specific question about it. This does not count as a research roll and you may still make research rolls later, as described above.

Research Rolls

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