5 beats make 1 Experience point.

Experience Costs

  • Attribute: 4 Experiences per dot
  • Merit: 1 Experience per dot
  • Skill Specialty: 1 Experience
  • Skill: 2 Experiences per dot
  • Integrity: 2 Experiences per dot

Note that the fifth Skill or Attribute dot no longer costs double, nor do the costs of progressive Merits increase per dot purchased.

Gaining Beats

  • If your character fulfills an Aspiration, take a Beat. At the end of the game session, replace the Aspiration.
  • Each Condition has criteria for resolution. When resolving a Condition, take a Beat. Some Conditions provide Beats for actions other than resolution.
  • Any time you fail a roll, you may opt to make it a dramatic failure and take a Beat.
  • If your character takes lethal damage in one of her rightmost Health boxes, take a Beat.
  • At the end of any game session, take a Beat.
  • Any time your character makes a Breaking Point roll, whether they are successful or unsuccessful, take a Beat.

Practical Beats

As Hunters, you have access to an additional “group” pool of practical experience, which you build by surviving encounters with the supernatural.

The base number of Practical Beats gained after a story or scene is equal to the number of Hunter characters involved. Then, apply the following modifiers (note that each of these is now one Beat, not one Experience):

Practical Bonuses

  • +1 for every exceptional success roll when acting directly against a monster (reflexive Resistance rolls do not count).
  • +1 for every dramatic failure rolled during the scene, regardless of what kind of roll it was.
  • +1 for every action for which a player Risks.
  • +1 if the monster(s) displayed powers or abilities that were a) supernatural in nature and b) new to at least half of the group (rounding up).
  • +1 if the cell used a Tactic successfully.
  • +1 if the Tactic had never been used “in the field” (that is, against a real monster) before.
  • +1 if the cell saved the life of at least one person during the scene, not counting other hunters.
  • +1 if the hunters drove the creature off.
  • +1 if the cell achieved an Aspiration.
  • +2 if the hunters immobilized or captured the creature.
  • +2 if the hunters used a creative new approach or strategy with success.
  • +3 if the hunters killed/destroyed the monster, or permanently rendered the creature harmless. Not cumulative with the bonus for driving a creature off.

Practical Penalties

  • -1 if any bystanders (that is, neither monster nor hunters) came to harm.
  • -1 for any instance of the group working against itself — friendly fire, one-upmanship, etc.
  • -1 if any member of the cell fell victim to a mind or emotion-influence power.
  • -1 if any member of the cell put anyone else (hunter or otherwise) in direct danger.
  • -1 if the cell attempted but failed to perform a Tactic.
  • -2 if any bystanders were killed (not cumulative with the “coming to harm” penalty, above).
  • -2 if the hunters were forced to flee (if a retreat was part of the plan from the beginning, this doesn’t apply).
  • -3 for each hunter killed.


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