One-handed (Condition)

Condition: One-Handed (Persistent)

Whether due to injury or disease, your character is unable to use one arm. Perhaps she suffers from a degenerative disease that interferes with her mobility, or perhaps she got in an accident that resulted in her arm being permanently damaged or even amputated.

Your character always suffers from the Arm Wrack Tilt while in combat. In addition, other actions may be difficult or impossible with only one hand. Certain tasks may take longer than they otherwise would, or the character may suffer a penalty (-1 to -3 dice) while performing them, at the GM’s discretion.

Beat: Suffer a significant setback due to a failed roll penalized by this Condition.

Special: You may choose to take this Condition temporarily to reflect a lesser injury suffered in combat, during an accident, or some other circumstance. In this case, the Condition is Resolved after a healing period agreed upon by the player and the GM.

One-handed (Condition)

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