Non Lethal Weapon Damage

In the old nWod system, certain weapons gave you the ability to do non-lethal damage while still enjoying weapon bonuses. In Chronicles of Darkness, however, all weapons do lethal damage. This was disappointing to those of you who want to hit people with sticks and not feel guilty about it (you monsters), so we have amended the rules as follows:

All weapons that formerly did bashing damage in nWod now deal bashing damage up to a threshold of 3 points of damage per turn (inclusive). So, if you roll 5 successes on a single attack roll, you will do 3 points of bashing damage and 2 points of lethal damage. Hitting someone for 3 points of damage on one turn and 2 points of damage on the next turn still does 5 points of bashing damage—but keep in mind that that person will still start taking lethal damage as normal once all their Health boxes are ticked.

You may also increase the amount of non-lethal damage you do with a blunt weapon by purchasing the Part-Time Pacifist Merit.

List of weapons that do bashing damage:

  • Brass knuckles
  • Baton
  • Crowbar
  • Hatchet
    • Special: Only if you pull your blow. If you roll a dramatic failure on a pulled blow, re-roll the attack against your target and deal lethal damage.
    • You may only choose to pull your blow if you are using the hatchet as a thrown weapon.
  • Sap
  • Tire iron
  • Quarterstaff

Non Lethal Weapon Damage

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