House Rules

House Rules Summary

Following time-honoured RPG tradition, we take the rules that someone else has published so we don’t have to and immediately begin messing around with them anyway. This page lists the various ways in which we have decided to do that.

Bashing/Non-Lethal Weapon Damage

  • Do bashing damage up to 3 points, instead of lethal, when using certain weapons.
  • Increase the amount of bashing damage you deal with the Part-Time Pacifist Merit.

Chance rolls

  • Occur when your dice pool is reduced to 0 dice or fewer.
  • Success occurs only on a 10. Chance rolls do not benefit from 10-again.
  • A result of 7 or below is a dramatic failure.

Character Creation

  • Gain 1 dot of Professional Training.
  • Characters with a background as established Hunters may choose an alternate Breaking Point.

Dramatic Failures

  • Occurs when a character rolls 0 successes and at least one 1.
  • You cannot take an optional dramatic failure when participating in a Tactic.
  • Optional dramatic failures taken as part of a regular team action count as personal rather than practical Beats.
  • Failure on a chance roll is automatically a dramatic failure.

Experience Points

  • Aspirations: The whole party gets one Beat for every second Aspiration completed.
  • Cell Aspirations: If the whole party is in agreement about a goal, they can set an Aspiration for the cell. Cells may have up to 3 Aspirations at one time. These Aspirations grant a Practial Beat once acheived.

Research rolls

  • Make a single research roll to uncover answers quickly, or an extended research roll for a more in-depth investigation

House Rules

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