House Merit - Part Time Pacifist

Style merit, 1 or 2 dots
Prerequisites: Brawl or Weaponry 3 (see text)

Your character is a mean hand with a big stick… but only when they’re sure their opponent deserves it. For each dot purchased in this Merit, you may convert one additional point of damage inflicted with a blunt weapon from lethal to bashing.

Drawback: A character who purchases this Merit has invested considerable time into learning not to hurt people. In a combat situation, they will instinctively fall back on their training—even if their life is on the line. If your character does not want to apply the benefits of this Merit to an attack, they must spend a point of Willpower as a reflexive action to avoid doing so. This must be done before the attack roll is made, and its effects apply for the rest of the turn.

Restrictions: Your character must have 3 dots in the appropriate skill for their weapon of choice before they gain the benefits of this Merit. So, a character with Brawl 3 and Weaponry 2 applies this Merit to attacks made with brass knuckles, but not a crowbar. If that same character purchases an additional dot of Weaponry, they apply the benefits of this Merit to attacks made using either skill pool.

The benefits of this Merit cannot be applied to hatchets or stun guns.

House Merit - Part Time Pacifist

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