Fatigue (Condition)

The new Chronicles of Darkness book doesn’t seem to cover fatigue, so I have created a new Condition adapted from the old rules:

Almost anyone can go without sleep for 24 hours (supposedly, claims the book), but after that it becomes difficult for your character to keep going. Once your character has been awake for 24 hours, gain the Fatigued Condition:

Your character suffers a -1 penalty to all rolls, including combat (note: there is no separate Tilt for Fatigue). For every six-hour period beyond 24 hours that your character forces himself to stay awake, he must make a Stamina + Resolve roll or fall asleep. For each 6-hour period that he forces himself to stay awake, he takes a cumulative -1 penalty. This penalty does apply to subsequent rolls to stay awake.

The longest a person can go without sleep is a number of days equal to the lowest of his Stamina or Resolve, at which point he passes out. Forcing yourself to do something physically demanding while Fatigued can impose an additional -1 to -3 penalty on all subsequent rolls to staying awake, at the GM’s discretion.

Once your character does sleep, it’s for eight hours, plus one hour for each six-hour period (in excess of 24 hours) that he forced himself to remain active.

Beat: Fail an action roll due to penalties from the Fatigue Condition. Or, fail a roll to stay awake (this also resolves the Condition).

Resolution: Go the fuck to sleep.

Fatigue (Condition)

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